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Four scenarios (St. Philomena's Primary)

a high view of the molendinar park
in the park
littlehill school
long path and leaning trees

group of 10 - 15


A high view of the molendinar park

first child enters on the right of frame
second child enters on the left

they look down at the burn, smile and leave frame



In the park

zig-zag channels in the centre of shot
room for small groups on the sides of frame

a group of two left middleground
a group of three right middleground

singles and pairs cross through frame (going somewhere)

three or four enter foreground eating chocolate and crisps



Littlehill school

crossing frame
stopping and leaving

lot of room for foreground and middleground action

build to three rows



Long path and leaning trees


children enter foreground
action is waving and running into the distance, exiting left and right

lot of crossing frame

St. Philomena's will go to a blue-screen studio in the new year to record the action
then they will be edited into the four backgrounds from molendinar park


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