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tommy interviewing alan
interviewing ray
who is who




what kind of cereal did you eat alan ? * [ someone ]

rice krispies

what's your favourite eleven [ is this what he said ? ]
[ tommy's first question ]


[ yyeaiiiiih from someone || why why why from boys ]


[ cos they're the best [girl] || scuse me [someone else] ]

why...it's an easy question

just what i was brought up with

think you'd change your position [ + inaudible ]


[ looks at ed behind camera ]

is he asking me the questions ?

ie ! [ welsh ] let him ask him [ sic ] the questions
[ ed ]

why would you not change

...because i believe in...ehh..what my dad believed in i believe in

[ mill. comment || whheiiiihs ]

sing a song alan *

canna sing

what kind of car have you got - how many 'v you got

two cars and two houses
[ is this what he said ? ]

what do you work as

i work for rentakill

where d'you do that work

i go and service ladies toilets...eh airfresh, sanitizer bins, soap systems an' all that

what's all that [comments]

what sort of cars have you got ? [ somone else ]

an audi 4 and an escort

what colour's the escort

white...just bought it

when d'you buy it

the day

what registration is it

oh it's an A

A..A for ancient


can you tell us the registration number [ someone else ]

can i...pardon

registration number

no i don't know it all just know it's an A regi

[ inaudible ]

is that me finished

[ protest + no no ask some ask some more ]

have you got a favourite song* alan [ someone ]

favourite song

[ someone starts up country road ]

hey baby

sing 's that [ someone ]


sing us a bit of this [ someone ]


[ inaudible question ]

no, canna sing...i'm sweating here

[ inaudible ]

favourite film ?* seven brides for seven brothers huh ha ha

who's it made by

can't remember...i need i need..to turn that off, it's too warm

[ walks off camera || aaayh wweiiiih ]


vicki sound asks the standard cereal question for a soundcheck

ed has been asking people to sing their favourite song
this hardly works at all all night
exceptions are garry and tina

ed asks for a favourite film hoping for lo-fi re-enactments
this doesn't work at all





Standard 56k connection
Fast connection

[ download plug-in ]


Who is who

alan christine joanna katie willie are all leaders at royston youth action

tommy goes to a mid-week club


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