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Molendinar Panorama

Panorama of the Molendinar area.

This may take a minute or so to load up.
Use the controls to pan and zoom in and out of the panorama,
or drag your mouse across the picture.

"There was a time up here in this area when people had nothing, damp in
their houses and worse, but you could chap anyone's door if you needed
anything. When the 'modernisation took place things began to go downhill
more, they just got cowboys in, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife -
no hope and not much trust.

Some of us have worked hard to get this park and it feels as though the
phoenix is rising from the ashes - the ashes of all those buildings that
have been bulldozed away. It makes me proud to walk through that space the,
Molendinar Park and know that I had something to do with it - I played a
little part in it " Marie Stewart

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