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Established in 1998, Autonomous Well have spent 4 years developing and testing I-Pump and other associated (and unique) products to simplify management solutions for ESP wells.

"We want to see the use of efficient management tools for ESPs grow. That will not happen while gauges are expensive, seen as a 'premier' technology, and not supplied as a complete system with efficient management software (which, of course, should be free). We believe we are about to see it grow. Based in Glasgow, we build on a lower cost base to build in more functions at a lower cost.
Our expertise is in software and electronics, not mechanical engineering (like competitors) allowing Autonomous Well to be flexible where it counts. All of our mechanical engineering is sub-contracted to Strata Oil Tools. This is what makes I-Pump different.

We didn't set out to develop a simple multi-sensing gauge with data logging panel. We set out to develop a modular system. We achieved this with the strongest and largest electronics and software development team of any of the ESP gauge companies.

That's why our products are notably different."

Contact: Mark Robertson, W12 Rosemont, 141 Charles St, Royston, Glasgow
Telephone: 0141 552 2900

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