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Children's Art Workshop

"St Roch’s Primary and Royston primary school both participated in arts workshops organised by the Royston Road Project. The Visual Art Workshops involved looking at the history of some of the buildings within the area. Photos from the old Garngad were used to draw from. The photographs were a source of interest for the children who recognised some of the buildings. The medium chosen for the children was Indian ink and old fashioned ink nib pens. This seemed like a relevant medium since this was the technique used to write and draw in the past.

St Roch’s and Royston Primary are multicultural school’s and some children in the class recognised this technique as something still used in their native countries. The drawings were analytically drawn with washes of ink and water to show depth and interest. The children and teacher are really proud of their drawings which are unlike any other art work in the school and the finished mounted pictures were displayed in Royston Library.

Well Done to both Schools!"

Inrid Cambell - Workshop Co-ordinator

First Church St Rochs - Samuel




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