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The Trees

Early in the process of developing the Parks Project, the Royston Road Project raised some funds to develop an early commission with Graham Fagen.

The fundamental idea was to begin to think of the development of the Parks as, not just 'building' within the bounds of each site, but to treat all the land in between the Spire Park and the Molendinar Park as the site that the project is concerned with.

The trees are dotted about the area; 17 trees in 6 different sites, each dedicated to a special person from the area. Graham and those working on the project with him worked with local people to discuss and develop the detail of the commission.

The event that was organised to celebrate the tree planting took place in spring 2000. Many people from the entire area joined the Royston Road Project and Graham Fagen to walk round to each planting site to remember those commemorated, and to give renewed significant to so many, often previously neglected, fragments of public space.

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