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Romantic Vanguard

A project with Jenny Brownrigg, artist in residence with Molendinar Community Council, commissioned by The Centre on behalf of the Royston Road Parks Project.



Artists book by Jenny Brownrigg

64 pages, 2 colours
Designed by Fiona Ferguson
Published by The Centre on behalf of the Royston Road Project
ISBN: 1-903887-01-01

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In November this year as part of Jenny Brownrigg's project, Romantic Vanguard, Mills and Boon author, Jessica Hart gave a talk about her work and the popularity of the Mills and Boon romance genre. On the following day she led an informal writing workshop exploring how to plot a Mills and Boon. The events took place in Blackhill at St Paul's Parish Church Hall.

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The Romantic Soul: "Dwelling on love... insanity and death...emotionalism...emphasis on individuality...rejection of drab reality...glimpses of transcendent loves...the need to escape from ourselves.....a fabulous dream world"

Romantic Vanguard aims to seek out romance and to trace the spirit of romanticism in the urban environment of Blackhill and Provanmill. Romantic Vanguard has been shaped by a series of conversations with individuals and groups during this residency. Conversations have been with women of different ages who live or work within the community boundaries. They have ranged from a 15 year old goth, talking about her identity and the importance of individuality, to the leader of the local lunch club, talking about the representation of women in novels. The outcome of Romantic Vanguard will be a book, launched early next year.

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